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Our internet provider is carrying out essential firewall maintenance at Northallerton Leisure Centre There may be some disruption to service on Thursday 22 February between 8am-1pm as a result of essential firewall maintenance. This may affect public Wi-Fi and gym equipment connectivity. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Leisure Management system rebuild FAQ

Leisure Management system rebuild

Our current database, which was introduced several years ago, has been adapted and altered multiple times since inception. This has meant that the rebuild is necessary so that we can continue to develop and offer improved services that are available from our software provider.

The move from the old system to the new one is planned for November, and this will mean some services will be affected and unavailable during the transition. The rebuild will also affect our swimming lesson software, Learn2 Home Portal, as this requires updating and transitioning at the same time.

Will the leisure centres still be open?

Yes, we are open. Standard opening hours will apply, please refer to our timetables.

Will I be able to use 24/7 access at Northallerton and Thirsk?

Yes, if the data transfer and move to the updated system goes as planned. Should there be any issues with the 24/7 access control system we will communicate this via our Zest app and the website.

Will my data be transferred?

If you have made any type of transaction with us in the last 12 months, then your data will be transferred. This includes customers with a membership collected by Direct Debit (Juniors and Adults), Student monthly and Annual memberships, customers with a current Discount Card or Discount Card Concession and Pay as You go accounts.

If you do not have any activity on your account within the last 12 months and therefore are not transferred across to the new database, we can add you to our new database once live.

Will I still be able to make bookings?

Only bookings up to and including Tuesday 15 November 2022 will be able to be made on the current system.

No advance bookings can be made on the new system until it becomes live on the 16 November 2022. We cannot confirm an exact time for this at present.

Can I use my existing Zest card or Zest Easy band?

Yes, the information on your account linking you to the Zest card or Zest Easyband will transfer if your account has been active in the last 12 months.

What will happen with my Direct Debit?

Your Direct Debit information will transfer across to the new database and your Direct Debit will be taken as normal on your previously chosen date, e.g. the 1st or the 15th of the month.

What if I have not been transferred across to the new system?

Do not worry we can quickly add you back on. If you find that you are not on our new system, please speak to reception in the first instance who can check why and add you on to the new system very quickly.

What will happen to my cashless balance?

Your cashless balance will be transferred across to the new system.

What if I have an invoicing account?

If you have previously used your account for invoicing e.g. block bookings/clubs and personal use, you will now have two separate accounts.

What if my account is linked to other family members?

Accounts will still be linked as previously.

Will the online payments issues be resolved on the new system?

Yes. Our online card payment providers have implemented a new version of their software.

Will my Member ID change?

Yes, the system will give you a new member ID number.

Will my Online booking / Connect login have changed?

No, you will still use your registered email and password.

Will my App login details have changed?

No, you will still use your registered email and password.

Further updates as necessary will be issued via our Zest App and on our website.


Our Learn2Swim system has also been upgraded to complement our new membership database.

Will my child still be enrolled in the Learn2Swim programme?

If your child is currently enrolled in one of our Learn2Swim classes, they will transfer to our new system.

Will I still be on a waiting list for upcoming lessons?

Yes, we will transfer our waiting lists to the new system.

Will I still be able to use Home Portal to track progress?

Yes, but there will be a requirement for some downtime as we need to re-register the details to all the customers added to our new database. Home Portal will be unavailable to use from 13 November 2022 until 4 December 2022 inclusive.

This is to allow our swim teachers to reassess progress and bring the system up to date, until this is complete there will be no information/data for you to view.

When re-registration and assessments have taken place, you will be sent an email to be able to access Home Portal.

Why has the percentage progress of my child changed?

Unfortunately, existing historical data cannot be transferred into the new system.

We have also taken the opportunity to add an additional grade for assessments. The criteria on which the attendees are assessed has changed following consultation with the swim teachers.

For confirmation the grades have changed to:

  1. Attempted
  2. Needs practice
  3. Improving
  4. Pass

Reassessments will be completed over the first few weeks that your child attends lessons so please bear with us during this time.

Why hasn’t my child been flagged to move?

To ensure children are transferred to the correct classes in the new system, the flagging of any movement will be suspended from 11 November.

Movements will become available again from 21 November 2022. These will initially only be managed in centre until the 04 December, after this date movements will revert to Homeportal.

Further updates as necessary will be issued via our Zest App and on our website.

Learn2 Swim Customer Update

The Learn2 Swim system has now been upgraded, all children and adults enrolled onto lessons have been successfully transferred.

Reassessments of all pupils are now well underway and any movements between classes can take place in centre.

Home Portal remains unavailable until 5 December, you will be contacted to re-register nearer the time.

Waiting lists and enquiries for new customers remain closed until further notice.

If you have any questions please contact your Leisure Centre Reception and check our website for further updates.

Thank you for your patience.